The smartest way to roll out new workflows at your company

Transform your enterprise workplace by automating and centralizing workflows in existing communication tools, whether it’s at your desk or on the go.

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Get easy adoption of tough workflows

Compliance doesn’t have to be painful. Innovation doesn’t have to be painful. The difference between a complicated workflow and easy automation is the difference between tasks sitting on the backlog and the work just getting done. Ellipsis removes roadblocks and puts the workflows where people already are so they can get tasks done quickly and effortlessly.

Make change happen in record time

With Ellipsis you can roll out a new workflow in days instead of months. And when your needs change, we’re right there with you, whether it’s phase 2, version 3, or step 4. Measure results and monitor compliance, while empowering your employees to focus on the things that matter.

Your team will thank you

Take the pain away from doing the right thing, and watch the smiles grow. Introduce your colleagues to a seamless workplace where people have the data and the reports they need at hand, and where everyone collaborates to build a culture of efficiency.

Get 10x adoption of your workflows: how it works

Step 1

We get to know your workflow requirements and discuss how Ellipsis can help.

Step 2

We tailor our existing workflow packages or we build a customized one just for your needs.

Step 3

We help roll out the new workflows to your organization and measure adoption.

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Hear our customer stories

“What value does Ellipsis provide? We’ve used it to automate 5–6 end-of-day messages and noticed the time it saves the team. I’d say that [these daily reports] only take five minutes a day now instead of not having them at all.”

—Perry Skorcz, Head of Farm Operations at Plenty

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