Make your work orders a breeze. Save time and money.

Bring Fiix to Microsoft Teams or Slack for easy, complete reports… in 5 clicks.

We bring the power of your CMMS (like Fiix) into your team’s chat tool so filing and completing work orders feels painless. Easier reporting gets done, which means accurate data for you and the ability to find and maximize revenue while staying compliant.

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Integrate Fiix with your chat tool

Bring Fiix into Slack or Microsoft Teams, so it’s accessible, familiar, and fast for any employee to use. Ellipsis also runs on mobile so reports can be created in real time, anywhere.

Get accurate reports

Guide employees through a conversational interface that creates pristine and complete reports. Set up reminders that detect incomplete documentation.

Find lost data

Surface areas of Fiix that are hard to find and expose lost data and communication breakdowns to find lost revenue. We integrate with more than you chat tool.

Roll out new workflows

Enjoyable automation means workflows get done. We integrate with your native tools, so you don’t have to train employees on new software, which boosts adoption rates.

Free to test. Easy to implement.

Step 1

Share an idealized workflow, and 7 days later we’ll deliver a custom proof-of-concept.

Step 2

Set up won’t be a heavy lift for your IT team. All we need is your Fiix subdomain and token from your technical teams.

Step 3

Deployment is as brief as clicking a button within your dashboard. With 1-click deploy, your technical teams won’t have to build any new infrastructure.

IT teams approve

“We didn’t understand everything Ellipsis could do, and when we did, we were blown away.”

We strive to make Ellipsis look simple, but our tool is incredibly complex under the hood. Enjoy a seamless interface specific to your workflows, without building multiple endpoints and branching logic.

  • Your security is our top priority. Questions?
  • We offer 99.9% availability and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Used by Plenty to guarantee workflows and save time

Example workflows

Guide employees through safety reports
Automate and simplify work order completion
Facilitate a report on safety issues
Save time spent on admin work