This is a transformation

A true digital transformation should take you and your team to a happier place.

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Most processes breakdown when they’re cumbersome, time-consuming, and there’s no immediate benefit to your team. While the common adage would have you believe that if a tool isn’t working it’s the user, we secretly suspect this adage was created by enterprise SaaS founders. We know that our clients are working toward smarter, faster, and compliant workplaces. The people on their teams want that, too. That’s why we’re bridging the gap between powerful yet intricate software and the seamless interface your team already enjoys in chat.

We help your teams love your new workflows as much you do by automating as many steps as possible and centralizing these workflows in your existing chat tools. Automation ensures accurate, unified, and efficient reporting that takes a fraction of the time. Adoption is easy because Ellipsis doesn’t require training, new software, or a new UI. Instead, it works out loud in Slack or Microsoft Teams, fostering social proof for new processes.

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Happy workflows get done. for a custom proof-of-concept and enterprise-level automation fit to your custom needs.

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